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    Press & Media

    News and press coverage about our company frequently updates.  To view the latest coverage, please visit this page.
  • Vertiflite, (Jan/Feb 2018), UrbanAero's Fancraft Transformation

  • Armada International, (March 2016), Unmanned Systems 2016 Compendium

    Vertiflite, (March 2016), "Urban Aero's AirMule flies free"  

    Flight International, (January 2016), "Urban Aeronautics sets AirMule free of its tether"  

    Wired Magazine, (January 2016), "The AirMule Drone hauls 1,000 pounds and looks like a bug"  

    BBC, (January 2016), "AirMule Military Drone set to dodge trees in tests" 

    Vertical Magazine, (January 2016), "AirMule's first untethered flight" 

  • Unmanned Systems, (February 2015), "Cargo UAS get a lift"

  • C4ISR&NETWORKS, (December 2014) "Retooling the tactical robot"

    LeMonde, (November 2014), "Israël, vol au-dessus d’un nid de drones"

    Business Insider, (January 2014), "An Israeli Company Is Testing Flying Ambulance Drones"

    Popular Mechanics, (January 2014), "Ambulance Drones are Almost Here"

  • Gizmag, (December 2013), "2013: the year of the drone"

    Defense Update, (December 2013), "Israeli AirMule UAV Passes Major Milestone Demonstrating Fully Autonomous Flight"

    GIZMODO, (December 2013), "This Flying Ambulance May Save Wounded Soldiers from Certain Death"

    Aviation Week, (December 2013), "Urban Lets AirMule Off The Reins"

    iHLS, (October 2013), "The Latest Version of the Revolutionary AirMule to be Displayed at AUS&R"

    Maariv, (February 2013), Article on Urban Aeronautics (Hebrew)

    Silicon Wadi, (January 2013), "40 ans après l’échec francoaméricain, le rêve du VTOL se réalise en Israël" (French)

  • Jerusalem Post, (June 2012), "IDF Seeking Expanded Use of Robotic Systems"

    Popular Mechanics, (April 2012), "Wanted: Robots to Evacuate Wounded Soldiers"

    Jewish Press, (April 2012), "Israeli 'Rotorless' Vertical Take Off & Landing 'AirMule' Drone Out to Revolutionize Civil and Military Aviation"

    Mako, (April 2012), "The AirMule: A Battlefield Game Changer" (Hebrew)

    Flight International, (February 2012), "AirMule Harvests Internal Resources"

  • Globes, (October 2011), "Combat Machine" (Hebrew)

    Shephard Unmanned Vehicles, (August / September 2011), "The Air Mule Cometh"

    Haaretz, (January 2011), "When Cars Fly"

    The Marker, (January 2011), "Mules with Horse Power" (Hebrew)

    Technologies Magazine, (January 2011), "Urban Aeronautics - The Israeli Flying Car" (Hebrew)

    Jerusalem Post, (January 2011), "IDF Plans Pilotless Chopper to Evacuate Wounded"

  • Second Line of Defense, (December 2010), "A Multi - Mission AirMule"

    Israel Air Force Bulletin, (October 2010), "AirMule" (Hebrew)

    Israel Today, (April 2010), "Love in the sky" (Hebrew)

    Defense Technology International , (March 2010), "Golden Lift"

    Flight International, (January 2010), "Urban's AirMule Set to Start Untethered Hover Trials"

    Aviation Week, (January 2010), "Israel's Unmanned AirMule Shows Hover Stability"

  • Y– das magazin der bundeswehr, (September 2009), "Ein Flugjeep für alle Fälle" (German)

    Yediot Ahronot, (September 2009), "MULE Review" (Hebrew)

    IDF Web Site, (August 2009), "The Future Belongs to Unmanned MedEvac" (Hebrew)

    United Press International, (August 2009), "Israel army: UAV's to evacuate wounded"

    Aviation Week, (June 2009), "Paris Airshow"

    Bamahane, (June 2009), "Urban Aeronautics review in Bamahane" (Hebrew)

    Flight International, (May 2009), "Urban Aeronautics reveals 'Fast Mule' ducted fan UAV"

    Defense News, (April 2009), "Unmanned Rotorcraft for Urban Operation"

    Flight International, (Jan 2009), "Mule 250kt cargo variant in early development"

  • Vertical, (July 2008), "It's a Bird... It's a Plane..."

    Flight International (July 2008), "Forward Flight Testing of Panda Bears Fruit"

    Flight International (June 2008), "Panda Prototype Takes to the Sky"

    24 Ore (May 2008), "Anche Tata Investe Nell'auto Che Vola"  (Italian)

    Les-Echos Magazine (May 2008), "Urban Aeronautics Espere Lancer Une <<Voiture Volante>>" (French)

    Der Spiegel (October 2007), "Spritztour in den Himmel"

    Motor y Volante(October 2007), "El Auto Volador" (Spanish)

    Naval Forces (September 2007), "Next Generation Naval Helicopters"

    Time Magazine (September 2007), "Aerospace Inspiration"

    Flight International (August 2007), "Urban Aeronautics Reveals Panda unmanned air vehicle"

    Popular Science(June 2007), "Hopping out of hot zones"

    Maariv, (June 2007), "UrbanAero review in Maariv" (Hebrew)

    Machine Design (April 2007), "Fancraft Could Fly Through Urban Canyons"

    Rotor & Wing, (April 2007), "Decoupling the Future"

    AIN Online, (March 2007), "X-Hawk city dweller packs serious firepower"

    Flight, (Jan 2007), "Xhawk takes to virtual skies using bespoke simulator"

    Flight, (October 2006),"Urban Kicks off Hunt for MULE Medevac UAV Partners"

    The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, (July 2006), "Urban Aero joins Bell Helicopter to launch X-Hawk flying car"

    Vertiflight, (July 2006), "Bell Team Proposes Fancraft For City Combat"

    Flight, (July 2006 Printed edition), "Bell Helicopter unveiled Urban's Modular X-Hawk VTOL mock-up"

    Aviation Week, (July 2006), "The 'Flying Car' Gets Serious... and Nasty"

    Vertical Magazine, (July 2006), "Bell Helicopter + Urban Aeronautics Unveil New Vehicle"

    Shephard Rotorhub Analysis, (July 2006),"Farnborough Day Two: Bell’s X-Hawk Promise Is Future Oriented, Urban Warfare Aimed

    Flight, (July 2006),"Bell Helicopter joins Urban Aero to launch X-Hawk flying car using  fancraft technology for emergency services and special missions"

    Star Telegram, (July 2006),"Futuristic 'air mobile' in works at Bell"

    Dallas Morning News, (July 2006),"Bell, partner look into future"

    Aviation International News, (July 2006), "Bell/Urban Aeronautics unveil vertical lift X-Hawk"

    Vertiflight, (Spring 2005), "Driving on Air: 20th Century Flying Carpets"

    Newsweek International Edition, (10 January 2005), "Cool Copter"

    Toronto Star, (5 December 2004), "Goodbye gridlock: The ride's heavenly"

    Yediot Ahronot, (24 November 2004), "An Israeli Company is Developing an Aircraft for Medical Evacuation in Congested Areas" (Hebrew)

    New York Times Magazine, (26 September 2004), "Going Way Off-Road: The age of the flying car may arrive sooner than you think."

    Flight International , (21 September 2004), "X-Hawk developers to build policing model"